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  • Antonio Forte

Prima di partenza

Before departure. This is my first blog post. On Friday I will be traveling to Italy for one month. I will be an artist in residence at Il Museo della Perdita e del Rinnovamente (The Museum of Loss and Renewal), located in the mountainous Apennine region of Molise, Italy. The purpose of this trip is to continue an on-going research project that I started about 9 months ago. It involves history, archaeology, genealogy, linguistics, ethnomusicology, music composition, and perhaps more...

[Caption: The surface of my desk before packing.]

There are several overlapping disciplines ('-ologies') that I am utilizing in order to inform and inspire musical compositions, some of which are new to me; but none of which fail to intrigue me most profoundly. In the upcoming days and weeks I intend to fill this blog with more posts, photos, videos, sounds, etc., updating the reader with 'snapshots' of the work-in-progress.

As this is my first blog post, I will keep it purposefully brief and leave some things yet unexplained (in fact, most things...).

Check back in soon for the second post.

Until then, I sign-off with this:

𐌔𐌝𐌉𐍄𐌃𐌞𐌚 • 𐌞𐌉𐌍𐌞𐍄𐌍𐌀

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