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Conceptually, this piece is a threnody dedicated to my ancestors and to all those affected by displacement and oppression. Through researching my family's genealogy, I discovered ancestry in the First Nations People, Métis, and Filles du Roi. The deeper I dug into this history, the more inner turmoil and existential anguish developed, resulting in the creation of this piece.

Mechanically, it is a 4-track composition for analogue modular synthesizer, consisting of off-kilter percussive sequences in a polyrhythmic, odd time signature; disjointed wind/water sounds made with pink and white noise; and human-like cries fashioned from dissonant harmonies of sine, triangle, and square wave oscillators.

cries&screams//subterranean_meditation -
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Recorded in 2018 using a Starkey Laboratories Analogue Modular Synthesizer.

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