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Eupithecia Absinthiata

Eupithecia Absinthiata (excerpt) -
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Eupithecia Absinthiata

Composed in the Jazz idiom, this piece is a sonic representation of a species of moth after it has hatched from its chrysalis. This moth is named for the wormwood plant that it inhabits, a key ingredient in the liqueur absinthe (historically associated with poets and artists like Arthur Rimbaud and Vincent van Gogh). This recording comes from my senior recital/installation entitled Music for Moths, and is part of a multi-media exploration of a moth's life-cycle.

Kevin Eikenberg, drums

Antonio Forte, flugelhorn

Luke Stewart, contrabass

Andrew Welch, piano

Colin Wick, tenor saxophone

Recorded live in the Abramson Recital Hall at American University in Washington, DC in 2012.

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