A threnody dedicated to my ancestors and to all those affected by displacement and oppression. Through researching my family's genealogy I discovered ancestry in the First Nations People, Métis, and Filles du Roi. The deeper I dug into this history, the more inner turmoil and existential anguish developed, resulting in the creation of this piece.

Mechanically, it is a 4-track composition for analogue modular synthesizer consisting of off-kilter percussive sequences in a polyrhythmic, odd time signature; disjointed wind/water sounds made with pink and white noise; and human-like cries fashioned from dissonant harmonies of sine, triangle, and square wave oscillators.

Recorded in 2018 using a Starkey Laboratories Analogue Modular Synthesizer

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Played by Hapax Trio, this piece takes its name from the theoretical original substance that existed before the formation of the chemical elements, the source for the cosmic background radiation. From a compositional standpoint, it borrows from Modes of Limited Transposition, Positive Harmony, and Monkian melodic techniques.

Samuel Brunner, electric guitar

Antonio Forte, electric piano

Brian St. Pierre, drums

Recorded at Chris Devona Recording Studio in 2018

Ylem - Hapax Trio
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Accumulations for Three Musicians 

A graphic score consisting of acrylic paint on orchestral staff paper is given to three musicians. With no prior rehearsal, the trio is asked to examine the word accumulation and interpret the score through performance.


Kevin Eikenberg, vibraphone and cymbals

Antonio Forte, trumpet

Evan Oliver, piano


Recorded in the Abramson Recital Hall at American University in 2013

Accumulations for Three Musicians (excerpt) -
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Eupithecia Absinthiata

Composed in the Jazz idiom, this piece is a sonic representation of a species of moth after it has hatched from its chrysalis. This moth is named for the wormwood plant that it inhabits, a key ingredient in the liqueur absinthe (historically associated with poets and artists like Arthur Rimbaud and Vincent van Gogh). This recording comes from my senior recital/installation entitled Music for Moths, and is part of a multi-media exploration of a moth's life-cycle.

Kevin Eikenberg, drums

Antonio Forte, flugelhorn

Luke Stewart, contrabass

Andrew Welch, piano

Colin Wick, tenor saxophone

Recorded live in the Abramson Recital Hall at American University in 2012

Eupithecia Absinthiata (excerpt) -
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