les créatures

Jellyfish IX: "Big Blue"
Moth #1: hermaris thysbe
Jellyfish VII
Moth #61: agrotis infusa
The One Who Searches
Jellyfish I
Moth #97: catecala conjuncta
Synthesis (The Mating Ritual)
La Medusa del Filo
Le Meduse del Filo
Moth #90: crocallis elinguaria
Flying Fish
Jellyfish II
Moth #2: actias lunas
The Pale One
Jellyfish III: "Pink Jellies"
Moth #88: chloroclystis rectangulata
From Above or Below
Flight of the Mad, Navigant Grasshopper
The One Who Hops
Moth #4: phlogophora meticulosa
Jellyfish VIII: "Big Green"

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